What is a ‘boundary’ dispute exactly? It often starts as a verbal discussion between neighbours during which one or other expresses an opinion that the physical manifestation of the boundary, be it a fence, wall or hedge row is in the wrong place. In many cases this can escalate to more heated verbal exchanges and before you know it both are turning to lawyers, hoping that their lawyer will be able to write the winning argument that nails it! Job done, end of.

Sadly it is rarely as straight forward as that. It could even be said that if one has to drag a neighbour before a court to try to win an argument, whether you win or not you will likely have already lost far more than you realise.

I recommend reading ‘Where is my Boundary?’ by Nick Isaac QC. Likely you will think twice before you up-the-anti, check that you have deep enough pockets and are willing to pay the price!