Work life has changed. Workplaces that in the past were resistant to staff working from home have had to revisit such policies in order to maintain productivity and stay in business. Gardens have become less burdensome. Free to roam open spaces have become essential. Will this see a shift away from City based office work places? Of course some companies will always want to have a strong city presence, and certain City regions are renown for their particular industries – finance, insurance, Courts, lawyers, fashion, fine art, to name but a few – so what’s changed? The recognition that to survive in these uncertain times you need a workforce that can function in and out of the office. Of course a make do and mend attitude will get one over any short term inconvenience, but to maintain the cared for feel good factor that so many companies wish to promote, staff will need ongoing support and proper home office set ups. Have we already begun to see a shift in location focus towards outer London Boroughs and the Home Counties – the housing market would appear to suggest this is the case and, even further a field, into the Midlands, East Midlands, Norfolk to name but a few. As the work place location changes so will the work life balance and not always for the better, so it’s important to create the best environment possible so that when the two collide, and they will, the transition to a home office becomes a blessing and not a curse.